Another Kolbar was severely wounded by a shotgun fired from Iranian border guards

On Saturday, April 30, 2022, “Fallah Azizi” A young Kolbar from Salas Babajani was severely wounded in a direct fire attack by I.R.Iran’s border Forces in border areas of Miles in Nowsud.

According to the report, the Iranian border guards opened fire on a group of Kolbars without prior warning, and this kolbar were severely wounded by two bullets to the back.

It should be noted that, in a similar incident in the same area of the border, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran wounded 5 other Kolbars on Saturday morning and Murdered “Safar Sobhani” a Native of Paveh.

It is noteworthy that the Special City Guard and Border Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran using shotguns to suppress popular protests inside Iran and to kill and injure Kolbars, injuring several people at the same time, and the ability to prosecute It does not exist because the caliber number and code of the weapon are not known.


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