Urmie; Three citizens were arrested

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, “Mamleh Abdi”, “Khorshid Ebrahimi” and “Jalal Ebrahimi” were arrested by I.R.Iran’s security forces in the Urmie.

According to the report received, “Mamleh Abdi” resident of “Naznaz”, “Khorshid Ebrahimi” resident of “Ziveh” and “Jalal Ebrahimi” is resident of “Bardkashk” villages of Dizaj functions of Urmie city.

It should be noted that the Iranian security forces raided the private homes of these three citizens without issuing a court order and arrested them.

According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the three citizens were transferred to one of the security detention centers in Urmie for interrogation.

As of this writing, no information has been obtained about the reasons for the arrests and the charges against these citizens.