The Kurdish Human Rights Situation Report in July 2019


This report on the situation of human rights in July 2019, in the east of Kurdistan is that the working population, human rights, Kurdistan, according to multiple reports, the human rights organization round is collected.

It is noted that this report due to lack of permission of the Iranian government, to organizations and human rights groups report is not exhaustive, and only part of the violations systematic human rights in the East Kurdistan to the picture drags.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the arrest of citizens of Kurdish security forces and the police with the violation of civil and political rights, violations of freedom of opinion and expression violations of the right to life and personal security, discrimination, lack of security. The desecration of the citizens as well as torture, political prisoners, and ignoring the rights, the fundamental political prisoners, month of study to finish.


According to our information, 10 people were executed this month.

Nazdar WatankhahUrmiye24.07.2019
Araste RanjbarUrmiye24.07.2019
Malihe SalehianMahabad18.07.2019
Mahram NehmatiUrmiye17.07.2019
Askar BartarUrmiye17.07.2019
Jahangir MohammadiUrmiye16.07.2019
Hemn BanawandUrmiye16.07.2019
Mohammad Aref NajafianUrmiye16.07.2019
Abdolkhaleq RoyaiUrmiye16.07.2019
Vis AlipourMahabad09.07.2019

Arrested and imprisoned

In April, there were 48 detainees, many of whom were detained or imprisoned during the previous months. There are political, civil and environmental activists among those who have been arrested or imprisoned for unreasonable allegations.

Omer AbrawanPiranshar31.07.2019
Parvin AdwaiiMarivan30.07.2019
Adnan TahmasebiKrmashan28.07.2019
Rezgar EbrahimiKrmashan28.07.2019
Yahya MostafaKrmashan28.07.2019
Yasser DarabiKrmashan28.07.2019
Peyman MohammadiKrmashan28.07.2019
Pourian AzizianKrmashan28.07.2019
Shamsuddin GhaderiKrmashan28.07.2019
Iman SalehiKrmashan28.07.2019
Yakob AlmasiKrmashan28.07.2019
Hamza MohammadiKrmashan28.07.2019
Alireza MohammadiKrmashan28.07.2019
Omran DaraiKrmashan28.07.2019
Abdolah WeisiMarivan25.07.2019
Khalil KarimiSne25.07.2019
Hussein KamangarKamyaran21.07.2019
Jafar PakandBokan19.07.2019
Jabar DoudkanlouKhoi19.07.2019
Siamand Vosoughi RadMahabad19.07.2019
Ramazan SoltanianSne19.07.2019
Mohammad MirzaieMako18.07.2019
Houshang KoushakiLorestan18.07.2019
Majid ThibashUrmiye17.07.2019
Keivan BehrouziMahabad16.07.2019
Awat BehrouziMahabad16.07.2019
Khaled SuriMarivan16.07.2019
Goran QorbaniMarivan15.07.2019
Fateh HushmandMarivan15.07.2019
Ali (Noshirvan) RezaiMarivan15.07.2019
Omid SalehiMarivan15.07.2019
Yadgar DeljouMarivan15.07.2019
Ali RezaeeMarivan15.07.2019
Shirko Abbas TaherMahabad13.07.2019
Sober AminiMahabad13.07.2019
Khaled KoulatiMahabad13.07.2019
Salim Sheikh NejadMahabad13.07.2019
Sohrab Ghader ZadehMahabad13.07.2019
Hemn EsmailiMahabad13.07.2019
Omid QaderiMahabad13.07.2019
Ali IsmailiShno13.07.2019
Ebrahim MardaiBokan13.07.2019
Hadi MohammadzadehSaqez13.07.2019
Youssef MohammadzadiSaqez13.07.2019
Mohammad Sadiq RostamiSne12.07.2019
Fayeq YousefiSaqez10.07.2019
Hadi MohammadzadiSaqez10.07.2019
Hemid KronaniDehgolan05.07.2019

Kolber and Worker

A number of East Kurdistan Kolbers were also killed or injured by security forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran this month. This month, 12 Kolbers were killed and 17 Kolbers were injured.( Kolber (Kurdish: کۆڵبەر‎) is a worker who is employed to carry goods on his/her back across the borders of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey legally or illegally). Also, three workers were injured.


Milad HosseinzadehDirect firing of Iranian border forcesChalderan22.07.2019
AliDirect firing of Iranian border forcesChalderan22.07.2019
Mohammad (Briaji) IbrahimzadehDirect firing of Iranian border forcesSardasht15.07.2019
Hassan RasoulzadehPolice chaseSaqez14.07.2019
UnknownPolice chaseSaqez14.07.2019
MansoorDirect firing of Iranian border forcesSardasht07.07.2019
Yasin GhorbaniInsecurity at workBokan07.07.2019
Younes AltonDirect firing of Iranian border forcesPiranshar04.07.2019
Goran Aziz ZadehDirect firing of Iranian border forcesNodshe04.07.2019
Behnam TarinDeath by ElectricityMariwan25.07.2019
Milad FathiDirect firing of Iranian border forcesAhwaz18.07.2019
Ali RahimiInsecurity at workBokan18.07.2019


Mohammad Khadr Hussein31.07.2019PiransharDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Hadi Heidari22.07.2019NosodDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Hossein Ajami22.07.2019NosodDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Omid Alamh Holi22.07.2019NosodDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Mohammad Alam Holi22.07.2019NosodDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Azad Yasta22.07.2019NosodDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Mahmoud Mirzai22.07.2019NosodDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Naseh Sharifi16.07.2019SardashtDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Majid Ghaderi16.07.2019SardashtDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Karim Farsi14.07.2019KhoiDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Gharib Alizadeh09.07.2019PiransharDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Saman Sur09.07.2019MahabadDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Sohrab Khazri04.07.2019PiransharDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Asir Shahpasandi04.07.2019NodshehDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Mohammad Avaza03.07.2019SardashtDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Rezgar Rasouli02.07.2019SardashtDirect firing of Iranian border forces
Younes Alton01.07.2019PiransharDirect firing of Iranian border forces

Suicide and murder

In this month, ٣ people committed suicide or kiled.

Hajar ArosiPiranshar17Suicide
Zahra RasouliSneUnknownMurder
Osman Khezr niaMahabad18Suicide

mine explosion

In this case, 1 of citizens are killed by a mine explosion.

Yaqob HajipourIlam17.07.2019

At the end, the Kurdistan Human Rights Code calls on the people of eastern Kurdistan to strive to uphold their rights, to bring to the attention of the world all the discrimination and inequality that the Islamic Republic of Iran brings to them.

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