The anniversary of Sardasht chemical bombardment and the protest against killing carrier and destroying the nature of east Kurdistan

Hundreds of protesters showed their protest to kill carrier ( innocent civilians ), the ecosystem of the Zagros Oak forests and the drying up of the Zab Sardasht River.

It should be noted that on Sunday 28 June 1987, the city of Sardasht was subjected to chemical bombardment by the regime of Saddam, and 118 martyrs and thousands of people were injured.

At the ceremony on the anniversary of this incident, by civil institutions and with the presence of a few thousand people, the people, having plakardas and writings in Kurdish, Persian and English languages, Killing carrier and destruction of the eastern Kurdistan forests, Drying condemned Zab River and protested killing carrier and increasing environmental degradation by moving to the place of chemical weapons bombardment and Increasing environmental degradation Kurdistan.

Government officials instead of paying attention to these protests by violence, information and personal uniforms gathered these placard.

Given that the River Zab Sardasht is the second largest river in Iran, and the government is aiming to transfer water to central areas, This causes the people of Sardasht and half a million inhabitants of the Zab river basin It has an environmental pollution.

The deliberate killings of carrier are also evidence of continuing human rights violations by the government in eastern Kurdistan. increasing unemployment of people, border areas in eastern Kurdistan, including Sardasht and its surroundings, have become a job for bread, and this, while every day, with the direct firing innocent civilians they killed and wounded, causing mass protests by the people of East Kurdistan and international human rights institutions.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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