Persian provinces are the richest and  non Persian provinces are the poorest.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Association , the online economy magazine reported a average bank deposit amount of 8 million tomans per person, and the people of the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Fars are the richest and residents of the provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, Kohgiluyeh , Lorestan and Sanandaj (Kurdistan) are the richest ones.

It is reported that the average citizen of Tehran province with 58 million USD, citizens of Isfahan and Yazd with 13, Fars province with 11, and Qom province with 10 million USD are the most deposited bank.

It is also the case that the citizens of Sistan and Baluchestan province with 3, Kohgiluyeh, Lorestan and Kurdistan have 4 million of the lowest amount of deposited bank. And the amount of bank deposits per citizen in the total political geography of Iran is estimated at 8 million.

Meanwhile, the share of the provinces of Kurdistan, Ilam, Kermanshah and Orumieh was not even one person per capita of the top executive officials of this political geography., and in return in the provinces of Yazd, Semnan and Isfahan, respectively, they have the largest share in this per capita, respectively.

It should be noted that the share of Kurdistan province in employment of the executive agencies of the country, employing more than 10 thousand people, was less than one percent, ie 87 people.

While the unemployment rate in Kurdistan province is based on government accounts and statements by government representatives in eastern Kurdistan between 40% and 60% the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s discrimination against the citizens of eastern Kurdistan is much more than the past.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association