Names of 23 of those arrested were released in recent days in East Kurdistan

Based on reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , in dates 10,11,12,13,14 June 2017, more than 120 residents in East Kurdistan by Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the cities Orumiyeh, Mahabad, Bukan, Piranshar, Salas Babajani, Nowsoud, Rawansar and Javanroud have been arrested and imprisoned.

Continue increasing the arrest of citizens in East Kurdistan, has been developed to follow the play before 7 June 2017,the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Khomeini’s tomb terrorist attack,started.

So that in a few days more than 120 people arrested, the names of 20 of them have been announced by sources of human rights.

These names are as follows:

  1. Paveh : Ghane Khonsiavashan , Makvan Ahmadi , Yasser Ahmad Zadeh and Yousef Bahrami.
  2. Salas Babajani: Sardar and Qadir Amini and, Sardar Rahmani , Mahmoud Ahmadi.
  3. Rawansar : Farman and Farouq Maroufi , Bahman Gholami.
  4. Orumiyeh: Mullah Ali Ayoubi, Hedayat Valizadeh.
  5. Piranshar: Sirvan Qanbardoust, Ahmad Shirini, Ahmad Qanbardoust , and Ahmad …
  6. Sardasht: A total of 30 people have been arrested, the names of some of them are as follows:

Salah and Qader Kenaznavi, which thier family are unaware of their arrest.

One in Mahabad ,called Aziz , one of the in Javanroud named Ali Azizi and one in Nosoud called Nieman Azadi .

It is noteworthy that in the last days of the death sentence on the prisoners Sunni Orumiyeh Central Prison was carried out , the name of one of the executed Davoud, 22 years old and citizen of the Tarzilu area in city of Oroumieh.

The report goes on: the violent actions of the Iranian regime’s intelligence continues greater frequency and intensity in the city of Saqez , but until now the detainees information is not available.

Very obviously, these actions along with violence, militarism and injustice of vast forces affiliated the government of Iran, demonstrates the widespread and systematic violations of the rights of citizens that life of society Kurdistan in East Kurdistan is affected.

Stealth, severe repression of Kurdish nation, violence and abuse, including the lives of citizens of Kurdish disrupted, of course, a lot of discrimination and inequalities and injustices against the Kurdish nation is applied, based on the laws that govern approved and carried out.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association