Sanandaj; The political prisoner Hemen Mustafaei is under severe torture in the I.R’s intelligence department


According to the received reports, the political prisoner sentenced to death “Hemen Mostafaei” from Marivan city has been subjected to severe mental and physical torture in the detention center of the Iranian government’s intelligence department in Sanandaj (sna).

According to this report, this political prisoner has broken two of his ribs, two teeth, and fingers and toes due to the torture of the security forces.

Also, the general prosecutor of the government in Sanandaj has threatened Hemen Mostafaei that his death sentence will be executed soon.

It should be noted that the mentioned disappeared on September 23 of this year during the prisoners’ rebellion in the government prison in Sanandaj.

It should be noted that the efforts of the family of this political prisoner have been unsuccessful.