Two citizens were seriously injured after a mine explosion


On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, two citizens with the identity of “Maryam” and her daughter “Rounahi Khodaei”, from the village of “Koranah” in the districts of Urmia wrere seriously injured in the “Somai” area of ​​Urmia, as a result of the explosion of a mine left over from the Iran-Iraq war.

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Maryam has been seriously injured in her hand and face, due to which her condition is deteriorating.

According to the reports received; A landmine explosion took place in the house of these two citizens, who were previously discovered by a family member of the victims and then transferred to their home.

It should be noted; The mentioned persons were transferred to the central hospital of Urmia city “Verma” for medical treatment.

It should be noted; The I.R.Iran’s government has planted war mines in all the border areas of Kurdistan, due to which more than hundreds of citizens have lost their lives or suffered limb disabilities due to mine explosions every year.