Statistics report- Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan September 2016

The human rights situation in East Kurdistan during the month of September 2016 (01/09/2016 to 30/09/2016)in East Kurdistan human rights efforts, citing numerous reports ofKurdistan  human rights Association has been collected.

It is worth noting the report for failing to allow the Iranian government to organizations and human rights groups report is not complete and systematic violations of human rights in Kurdistan East’s only part of it depicts.

Islamic Republic of Iran with Kurdish civilians detained by security forces in violation of civil and political rights, freedom of opinion and expression, violations of the right to life and personal security, government discrimination, defamation and citizens as well as the torture of political prisoners and ignoring the fundamental rights of political prisoners, ended months studied.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As the first paragraph of Article 9 of the International Civil and Political Rights states: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person: no one may be harassed and fear took hold opinions.

The second paragraph adds Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally or in writing or in print as a form of art, or through any other media of his choice is.

In addition, Article 22 states that any person who, as a member of society, has the right to social security And through national effort and international co-operation with the organization and resources of each country, inalienable rights, economic, social and cultural rights for his dignity and the free development of his own character, achieved; and in accordance with Article 5 No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or method used.

In accordance with the international conventions in relation to other recognized human rights and political and social rights Human communities, and society each person is entitled to political rights, social, economic and cultural demands and attempt to restore it congregation or group is no superiority over another and all have natural rights and other recognized benefit.


Unfortunately, in this month by the Islamic Republic that their identity has been shown countless Kurdish prisoners were executed; the news it is reflected; But according to reports received by Human Rights population of Kurdistan, the Kurdish prisoners are sometimes different crimes executed in Iranian prisons and the executions are not media; and the Islamic Republic does not announce executions.

The morning of Thursday (26 August), a Kurdish prisoner called “Idris M. The “son of Hasan, along with six other prisoners were hanged in Bandar Abbas. He was 36 years old and from the city Oshnavieh in Urmia. Justice of the province Hormozgan, as the site says, this Kurdish prisoner, along with six others to “drug trafficking” were charged.

Saturday, 3 September this year, a prisoner Kurd from the village of Blani from the city of Kamyaran in East Kurdistan called ” Mohammad Nazari” who was sentenced to death on charges of drug trafficking, after spending 10 years in prison on Saturday Khorramabad was hanged in prison.

Ali Ghayour death penalty, prisoners from Orumieh in Kurdistan East to Tabas was held in prison for drug offenses, was conducted during the month.

24 Saturday in September of 1395  execution of four prisoners in Tabriz Central Prison drug crimes came into force. The identity of executed prisoners, “Abdul Karim Bapiri,Mehdi Mullaee and Salah Ghaderian  three people from the town of Sardasht city and Ali Mahtabipour from the city of  Bonab ” is declared.

A Kurdish young people of the city of Bukan to murder someone affiliated with the Kurdish security forces was sentenced to death and five other Kurdish young men were sentenced in relation to long-term sentences.

Boukani a Kurdish political activist is sentenced to death. Milad Firozpanah, political activist on Tuesday 8 March 2016 in detention, on 18 September of this year by the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Kurdistan East Bukan functions on charges of drug trafficking and sentenced to death.

Thursday29 September execution of eight prisoners accused of drug offenses yesterday had been transferred to solitary confinement in Orumiyeh Central Prison, was carried out. ”

The identity of executed prisoners is as follows: “Behnam Pyrkvzadgan, Ismail Ayoubi, Karam Golshi, Ghader Mahmoudi, Effendi Omri, Crete (Reza) Abdalzadh, Farhad Maleki all from the city of Urmia and of Articles 14 and 10 and a female prisoner named Jane Molok Noori from Kermanshah from the women’s ward. ”

Uncertainty in Sanandaj prison sentenced four children, four prisoners who were minors at the time of the crime, are in Sanandaj prison awaiting execution. “Youssef Mohamadi, Hemin Hawraminejad, Kiomars Nasiri and Amanj Veisi” The names of these four teenage prisoners.

Detention and Imprisonment

“Arrest, summons, warrant, framing, threats, violations of prisoners’ rights.

Pouya Hossein Panahi’s” civil rights activist from Dehgolan in East Kurdistan, Monday 29 August by the Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Wednesday 31 August this year, a young 23-year-old ‘Ali Rahmani “Kurdish citizens from Baneh intending to travel to the city when Saqez was them the false reasons the city of Baneh arrested by security forces and then beaten, sent to an undisclosed location is.

Vaali Doroudi, a political prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, is currently serving his sentence in Yazd prison and twenty years he spent in exile. He remains in prison in May 1996, Despite their physical conditions and spending twenty years in prison, parole was denied the right to judicial authorities rejected his request for forgiveness for their actions. However, the political prisoners, according to Note 1 of the Law Concerning the conditions of probation is to be used.

Younes Aghayan request for retrial in Mahabad prison, but the assistant supervisor of the write request is made to the judicial authorities refused to Mahabad prison.

Five other Kurdish citizens in the cities of Urmia, Baneh, Bukan, Mahabad and Rawansar with the summons, were arrested and jailed. September 7, a Kurdish citizen in Orumiyeh named “Ali” by the department of information was interrogated summoned by telephone.

On 4 September 1395 the family “Manijeh Fatehi” Kurdish citizen after more than six months in the dark, for 20 minutes managed to meet with her in Mahabad Intelligence Bureau detention center.

5 March 2016 so far the exact status of 22-year-old Manijeh Fatehi specific information was available at the time by the Ministry of Information was arrested on unfounded grounds.

Wednesday 31 july a city resident Rawansar called “Shahoo Abdullahi” on charges of disrespect to the judiciary to two years imprisonment and 1 year exile, was convicted. He was transferred to prison in Kermanshah Dizelabad. Shahu brother Abdullahi Hussein is sentenced to death for murder, “Salim Ghanbari” former chief justice on Thursday 11 August 2016 Rawansar former city judge on charges of murder and boycott the turnout was hanged in public.

On 1 September 2016 was a citizen of Mahabad residents called “Samokov Sharifi” Mohiuddin child, while sleeping by intelligence officers stationed in the town are arrested and transferred to an unknown location.The 22-year-old computer science student in his paternal home was arrested without warrants. PC and laptop security and intelligence officers took with them his personal belongings.

Kurdish political Rostam Arkia, a native of Maku, who is now the tenth year of his sentence in prison spends, still denied the right to leave.

Afsaneh Bayazidi: the worst came to me, I am no longer afraid, not afraid, so to me that is a fact. Publishing letter Afsaneh Bayazidi  that has suffered from torture.

Information Islamic Republic of Kurdish citizen named Pourya Mohammadi Born on: 9 September 1990 in East Kurdistan kidnapped from the town of Saqez.

Mahabad Revolutionary Court, 5 citizens of Kurdish collaborators with Kurdstany an opposition party, was sentenced to prison.

Therefore, the warrant was issued five citizens. “Amir Abdullah zadeh to 6 months in prison, five months Hayman gazelle, Mozafar Talanh 6 months, Pejman Imani 5 months and 5 months in prison Mohamed Shokri”.

Saturday, 17 September of 1395, “Parvin Mamndy” from Piran in East Kurdistan ended her life by hanging oneself to. She has 22 years teachers have been in the organization of education.

Hassan Rastgari, the Kurdish political prisoner trapped in the Orumiyeh Central Prison on charges of “propaganda against the system” by Judge Sheikh Lu was sentenced to one year in prison longer.

Hiva Dastbaz activist on Sunday 18 September of 2016, Saqez arrested by the security forces and transferred to an unknown location.

Intelligence Office in Mahabad city of follow-murder of a young Kurd by the judiciary prevented it. The young Kurd named Jalal Javanmard had died due to torture by Intelligence Ministry officials.

Bokan Bokan prison head of the prison threatened to leave deprivation and encourage imperative to spy on prisoners.

Ramazan Ahmad Kamal was transferred to Karaj Rajai Shahr prison in Qazvin prison. The Kurdish political prisoner is returned to prison despite Qazvin treatment course, he still has not been completed.

Kurdish political prisoner Habib Latifi, an industrial engineering student in September of 2015execution was halted in the ninth year of his imprisonment, in the worst physical and psychological conditions without the use of family leave and appointment, is being held in limbo full in Sanandaj prison .

24 September in the city of Marivan Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the his father home of Adnan Rashidi, “human rights activist, member of Kurdistan Human Rights Association” referred and told them to 10 days if returned to Iran Adnan Rashid is all the family property will be forfeited in favor of the Islamic Republic.

Workers and unions

A Kurdish worker in the city of Shirvan North Khorasan province has been working for lack of safety at work, lost his life.

Municipalities Krmanshah day laborers and green space, Mahabad and Oshnavieh, five months did not receive any salary. Due to non-payment of arrears of workers, lack of funds is declared municipalities.

Monday,5 september 2016, a construction worker fell from the roof crashed in the town of Salas Babajani due to work and their physical condition is serious.

Hamed Qaderzadeh think tank director and faculty member of the University of Kurdistan’s currently 5 thousand unemployed agricultural engineer in the province of Kurdistan there More than 100 of them were introduced through the measure for employment employment test showed that only 16 of them.

About two hundred workers wage demands agroindustrial complex of Mahabad is still unpaid. These workers to fourteen months arrears of wages have.

Sunday, 11 September of 2016 in East Kurdistan, Ilam Cement factory workers dissatisfied with their work situation and gone on strike.

Thursday, 15 September of 2016 incident in cement Dorud in Lorestan province and injured two workers were killed.

21 September, more than 300 employees of Ilam Petrochemical several contracting company in protest against wage and non-fulfillment of the employer within three months wage arrears stopped contracting offices and have attempted to rally.

Two workers working in two different incidents in the shade lack of safety in Lorestan and Urmia lost their lives. 3 workers were injured in these incident.

A large number of vendors Sanandaj Sanandaj Wednesday 28 September 2016 held a protest gathering in front of the Municipal Center. One of these vendors to Kurdistan Human Rights Association said they are calling for a new hour crossing gate agents want to implement in the city of Sanandaj.

27 September a worker in East Kurdistan Kurdish city services Kangavar Krmanshah functions to nonpayment of wages for four months and additional economic pressure on him and his family to protest against this state of self-immolation in front of municipality  Kangavar.

Innocent civilians and Mine

Kurdish innocent civilian security forces beat with a few bags of cigarette smuggling on the border with Razi Khoy.

Despite the good news and promises to reopen border officials Hawraman and becoming a free trade zone, the security outlook and injustice to the Paveh, this time Nowsood border was closed by security forces and the orders of the governor and was ever willing to answer any authority in this regard.

3 September this year as a result of firing military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Innocent civilians in the area Mrg·hvr two innocent civilian were killed and another severely injured Urmia.

Sayad Mirkhanpoor “Kurdish innocent civilian” on Saturday, 3 September by the Islamic Republic of Iran with a direct hit was wounded, after two days in the hospital died Urmia.

Friday 16 September 2016 number of Kurdish innocent civilians region of Piranshahr directly Armed Forces were shooting that severely injured a result of these two young people.

Shooting guards a police station in the Silvaneh to sacrifice at least two leading Kurdish citizens. Sunday 18 September2016, troops stationed at the checkpoint Village “Hashtian” sumay-ye beradust district functions into a car opened fire Paykan. The fire marshal, the driver of the vehicle with the identity of “Arkan Saidi” Osman child died instantly.

Thursday 22 September, in the city of Baneh, Kurdistan East, Kurdish innocent civilians named Jamil Abdullahnejad son of Saleh 21-year-old shot straight race Islamic Republic security forces lost their lives.

Thursday, 22 September security agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran to innocent civilians and businessmen in the area near Piranshahr East Kurdistan Kvnrh Mashkan were shooting. Innocent civilians and businessmen have fled for their lives, but mules and horses left behind were shot by security forces and more than 10 heads of them died.

As a result of landmine survivors of the Iran-Iraq war in the outskirts of the village near the river Zab “Cheko” the child 8 years of Mohamd’s life is lost.

Tuesday, 6 September of 2016 created the incident again and Kurdstany teenager and injured three. Due to the explosion of a mine launchers surviving the war in col “Tete” section Hawraman three teenagers Kurdish injury was caused.

Tuesday 6 September, Parviz Khan, a nearby outpost during operation bulldozers clearing land mines seized surviving the war with a deal that the blast, the driver suffered severe shock wave.

17 September of 2016 a young 25-year-old from the Bahramabad village of Sarv-Abad city in East Kurdistan the mine in Tete col was injured to the hospital.

Environment and Health

Wednesday 31 August for several times arson in forests and meadows Dalahoo Sarpolzohab functions Krmashan causing damage to oak forests and fauna in the region.

Thursday 1 September, Marivani an artist in the collection of garbage accumulated in one of the main streets of the city of Marivan, with their musical instruments and magic hands and playing music, tried to protest and draw people listened pain officials who do not, and method being dissatisfied with the lack of responsibility and lack of people express a new role of functionary authorities and municipalities in the implementation of the cleaning and conservation of the city he invented.

Saturday, 3 September, the forests were areas of Hannes and Khiareh outskirts of Sanandaj for the second time with fire. The fire that lasted more than two hours due to the burning of several hectares of forests and fauna of the area was much damage to the environment.

Monday, 5 September of 2016 in the village of Klaveh fire burns over 80 percent of pastures in this village. According to eyewitnesses who have gone to contain the fire. Grass fire on more than 80 percent was collected for livestock in winter.

On Tuesday, 6 September 2016 fire in the meadows near the University of Saqez was causing a lot of damage.

Despite repeated attempts by the public and the Ziarat town council Tmrkhan (Aali huzis) of city functions Salas Babajani after about 6 months now has more than 1,000 people, the town’s drinking water is not fit for consumption and forced use of water saturated with pollutants and mire.

Sunday 11 September,a large fire in the forest near the village of Saif in Marivan in Kurdistan East and several hectares of meadows and forests, it happened because of the fire area was destroyed and incinerated.

On 13 September this year in Mrkhyl protected forests, Desheh, Blehzan Paveh in East Kurdistan city functions have been arson.

On 14 September this year oak forests Sheikh Saleh was burned Salas Babajani functions. In this regard, meadows and forests damages Salas came in Kurdistan East.

Fire in Gilan-e Gharb from 16 September of the current  Revolutionary Guards took affiliated entities, as well as forests and rangelands Gilan Gharb fire raging in the  for several days. Forests and rangelands region, “a Kan Kabud Cheleh village” in the center and tourism fronts “Navdar Gilan-e Gharb” was a fire.

16 September 2016,  large fires in forests and pastures Gilan-e Gharb took place.

This month, was hanging dogs in the city of Bukan. Is said that contractors have contracts with the municipality in order to obliterate the stray dogs have done this.

Zab river water transfer project Sardasht in Kurdistan East Lake Urmia was approved by the Supreme Council of National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Kurdistan East continues to destroy the environment.

On 22 September Razab villages and Khangaye Sarvabad forest fire and burned Divandarreh input Behesht Mohammadi.

Due to unsanitary landfills and municipal waste unprincipled and lack of supervision Health Network Javanrood to landfill by contract firms hired by the treatment center and burning it to eliminate unsanitary works contracts by the municipality and the company has become one of the main problems citizens Javanrood.

Pits created by the Municipality of citizens injured and needed medical services in the hospital Mahabad not be found.

A group of people flooded the village of Bourjovan on Sunday 25 September this year to protest against the governor was Krmanshah. Residents of the village were at the rally demanded compensation for flood damage which had occurred a few months earlier. At the same time Bourjovan village, the village Dust Vand Krmanshah held a protest gathering in front of the governor. The people of the village were protesting the definitive water habitat.

Monday 26 September, more than 50 hectares of pastures, natural resources and tourism vegetation was burned Bukan Dam Khurasanh.

Water Kanom Abad village, Pir Baba, Cheshmeh Sephid, Kani Gol Sofla, Kani Gol Olia, Tarkeh,Mahmudabad that the city Javanrood, disconnected and, in some cases these villages are facing a shortage of drinking water.

Zaribar Lake 5 km from the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East is on the verge of drying. The lake is the largest freshwater lake in the world. This natural lake floor and the underside of the water and springs feed herself and not to enter any water out of his substrate and the other is the source of rivers. Due to the changes and incorrect actions Zeribar now been on the verge of drying.


A group of Kurdish students majoring in Accounting University of Applied Sciences Shahabad Thursday, 1 September 2016 held a protest rally.

Kurdish students at the University of Applied Sciences, University of Shahabad due to lack of solvency were banned from going to the exam session in protest to this issue at the construction site of the university gathered in the Chamran Boulevard and were willing to participate in the exam room.

Azad University of Sanandaj, compared to non-normative restrictions in Azad University, Sanandaj Branch staged a protest.

On the eve of the new school year 2016- 2017 Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj, in the wake of the student protests, the university’s non-normative rules, including installation of surveillance cameras in most of the universities, the lack of health and safety facilities, the food was poor.

One student, who asked not to be named, said: When you sign up for the new school  year as a serious threat by university authorities have stated Each student on the day of the new school year with Kurdish dress attend university, he will be dealt with severely.

Substandard and unsafe schools Lorestani threatens the lives of students. There are 74 schools “pseudo-Kpry” and “mud brick” in the province given that these schools are made of stone and nylon and lack of minimum building standards.

Students of Razi University of Kermanshah on Monday, 19 September 2016 in protest against the insult to students and educational system problems in the university held a protest gathering.

other things

Suicide , Women , children and …..

Thursday, 1 September of 2016 a 38-year-old young gun Kalashnikov, 15-year-old girl killed after the end of your life.

On 4 September this year 11-year-old young Marivani has committed suicide. This young 11 year old named (S,M), an inhabitant of the town of Marivan city that is Kosar has hanged herself.

On Saturday 10 September a 21-year-old Mohammad Azizi from the village of Saral Gazan-e Olya located in Sanandaj in Kurdistan East took his own life.

On 14 September this year Kamyaran citizen named Vali Gholami 41 year old ended his life by hanging up.

Wednesday 14 September a former Kurdish Workers’ Nick workshop fibers “Divandarreh due to difficult economic conditions put an end to his life.

Child 10 years old at the neighborhood Taz Abad garrison city of Marivan in Kurdistan East, hanged herself and ended his life. In the same neighborhood, a man stabbed his wife and mother by his wife killed.

On Friday 23 September 2016,  of a 23-year-old (Adel- A) from the village of Hezarkanian of city functions Divandarreh in East Kurdistan committed suicide by tractor belts.

Sardasht chemical and non-chemical disaster victims to have their cases, only thousand three hundred and eighty and twelve thousand injured chemical of this city, has a case and are the percentage of injury.

Over 29 years after the disaster, still no specialist in this area were abandoned Sardasht chemical warfare victims and handle the situation is unfortunate victims of chemical weapons in the city even many of the victims are in need of bread chemical warfare victims of Sardasht injury lung problems, eye problems, persistent cough, depression and loss of self-esteem.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards military schools in Rawansar for Kurdish children under the support of needy and orphaned children, at the beginning of the new school year the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to broadcast 350 training package in the guise of protecting children from poor in the city Rawansar and they said that this package contains support is of poor children.

About a million and a half children went to school for the first time on September 60 to 70 percent of the children from now on, forced to learn a language that is not their mother tongue and with that language than their mother tongue are little known.

Because of the ban on teaching the native language, poverty and unemployment, more than 40 thousand students Dezfooli dropouts last year.

Hayman Mamousta Conference player of the Khorasan Kurdish writers, Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran was prevented in Bojnoord and told them that the Khorasan Kurds with Kurds Kurdstany not shared.

Ali Khamenei’s fatwa about the “biker women in public and in the eyes of outsiders” because of “the corruption of society and incompatible with chastity of women” insisted on leaving it.

Opposition to create a free trade zone in East Kurdistan under the pretext of increasing smuggling in East Kurdistan.

Corps commander threatened to pop concert in East Kurdistan, “Kermanshah”.

A new wave of noise in the city of Sanandaj have been discouraged from seeing satellite channels.

At the end of the Kurdistan human rights Association of the people of Kurdistan East to try to make diligent in their rights discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed them to bring to the world.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association.

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