Dam construction to rob water resources in East Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association: According to the Governors regions in East Kurdistan ( Sanandaj , Urmia, Kermanshah , Ilam) dam construction projects in the provinces it continues as in the Sanandaj 18, Urmia 52, Kermanshah 22 Ilam 40 dams in the last few years is constructed or is constructing a 80-unit Dam construction also are studying the implementation phase.

For example, last year, the Islamic Republic of Iran construction of the dam “Daryan” in Oramanat damage ancient monuments in abundance in this region and the shortest river in the world in this section Kurdistan is at risk of total destruction was slightly down more from this dam, another dam on the river “Seymare” building was destroyed ancient monuments ( Ilam ) was.

Over two years, a company Dam construction Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan, to build a dam in the “Kani Sive” Piranshahr that the river of ” Zi Govra ” and the heights of the Valley “Sheikh Aysheh ” in danger Unleashed Is.

While all storage dam water “Daryan” and 80 percent water dam “Gavoshan” to other regions of Iran for drinking and irrigation is transmitted at the same time in Sanandaj only 7,000 hectares of the land by water dams built watered up . While average agricultural land irrigated in political geography 36 percent, averaging less than 10 percent is irrigated land agriculture in eastern Kurdistan.

It should be noted that the figures provided by the Agriculture Kurdistan 460 thousand hectares of coastal of dams built there.

Although the implementation of dam projects in East Kurdistan targets such as supply of drinking water to urban and agricultural development has been pointed out, however, that in practice there is nothing but this and the Islamic Republic of Iran and plundering the natural resources of East Kurdistan tried destruction and the destruction of the environment Biological citizens that the issue in accordance with Article 55 of the Hague conference (1907) and the Geneva Convention to plunder the natural resources that are under the control of the government completely banned.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association