Statistical Report – Detailed human rights violations in East Kurdistan, “October 2016.”

The human rights situation in October 2016, coinciding with the 1 October to the 31 October 2016, in East Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association efforts, citing numerous reports of human rights organizations is collected.

It is worth noting the report for failing to allow the Iranian government to organizations and human rights groups report is not complete and systematic violations of human rights in Kurdistan East’s only part of it depicts.

Islamic Republic of Iran with Kurdish civilians detained by security forces in violation of civil and political rights, freedom of opinion and expression, violations of the right to life and personal security, government discrimination, disrespect and disregard for the fundamental rights of citizens as well as the torture of political prisoners prisoners political months ended investigated.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As the first paragraph of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be harassed on the occasion of his beliefs and put the fear.

The second paragraph adds Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally or in writing or in print as a form of art, or through any other media of his choice is.

In addition, Article 22 states that Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security And through national effort and international co-operation with the organization and resources of each country, inalienable rights, economic, social and cultural rights for his dignity and the free development of his own character, achieved; and in accordance with Article 5 No one may be tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or was insulted.

In accordance with the international conventions in relation to other recognized human rights and political and social rights of human communities, and society each person is entitled to political rights, social, economic and cultural demands and attempt to restore it.


Unfortunately, in this month by the Islamic Republic that their identity has been determined number of Kurdish prisoners were executed, that it reflected the news, but was reported to Human Rights population of Kurdistan, the Kurdish prisoners are sometimes different crimes that these executions were executed in Iranian prisons are not media Islamic Republic of Iran does not announce executions.

Orumiyeh Prison officials are seeking the death penalty Zainab Skanvnd to implement. It has been said Ms. Zainab Skanvnd execution was delayed because of pregnancy is supposed to be implemented soon.

Tuesday morning, October 18 Kurdish prisoners Fardin Soleymanpanah son of Aziz from the city of Saqez in Kurdistan East Central Miandoab in prison on drug charges was hanged.

On the morning of 24 October, two men by the names of Bakhtiar Khaledi and Shoresh Mirzapour from the town of Salmas and Urmia, Salmas were executed in prison.

Arrest – Prison

“Arrest, summons, warrant, framing, threats, violations of prisoners’ rights”.

Rezgar Amini from city of Orumiyeh living in Oshnavieh for unknown reasons by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Sunday  2 October arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

A Kurdish student from the village of Silvana Ziveh Urmia Urmia University law student named Mohammad Ehsani son of Ali was arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic.

Justice Kamyaran in East Kurdistan, the Kurdish activist named Omid Ahmadi and Mehrdad Sabouri was summoned to court.

Monday, 3 October 95 in Sanandaj revolutionary court held a hearing of trade unionists. The meeting lasted for 3 hours trade unionists “Mehrdad Sabouri, Omid Ahmadi, Aram Mohammadi, Shahu Sadeghi” propaganda against the regime were tried.

The security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Mahabad in the village of Gharehgol of functions, families of three civilians Kurdish names ” Younes Hassanpour, Bayazid Hassanpour and  Assad Hassanpour” were invaded and desecrated. Thursday 29 September 95, two Kurdish citizen, a resident of the same village (Gharehgol) named “Ali Nasser”Ali Gharehgoli known as and “Hossein Hamzehpour” son of  Mohammad Rasoul was arrested by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

Thursday, 6 October 1395, Amin Mahmoodi family intelligence forces attacked the city of Bukan arrested him and his son. Amin Mahmoodi Bokan Islamabad and son 16-year-old parish without having any legal basis the administration forces have been arrested.

Thursday, 6 October forty Bukan that among them there Friday prayer of the villages by intelligence forces and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic along with the beat and detained were transferred to an unknown location. Reports indicate that most of the detainees’ young people young and some Mosque imams “were. After torture and interrogation, many of these citizens were released on bail as provisional, but in between the names of four of these citizens, “Abdulghafour Asvar, Yaqoub Noura, the Kamal Ali Aghdam and Hazhar Farooqi,” is still in detention intelligence, government, Iran’s Islamic held in Urmia and evidence of torture of detainees is very inappropriate.

The security agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran five protesters and organizers of the protests on Thursday 6 October, arrested in Marivan. The names of the detainees are “Siran Khvrnyka , Artin Hassanzadeh, Bahreh Arefi, Parvin Rezaei and Adel Rashidi” The demonstrators were demanding the release of detainees.

From Thursday 6 October to 9 October42 people Bukan were arrested by Ministry of Intelligence officials.

Monday 19 Persian date Mehr 95 outbreaks of influenza in Ilam prison inmates and their families worry and lack of medical attention has been sought. According to the family of one of the prisoners Elam flu infected a large number of prisoners.

Monday 10 October 2016, outbreaks of influenza in Ilam prison prisoners and their families worry and lack of medical attention has been sought. According to the family of one of the prisoners Ilam flu infected a large number of prisoners.

Deishad Wasimi 27-year-old, 14 October this year was transferred to Karaj Rajai Shahr prison. Bruises and scratches on his neck were visible and had a bad mental state.According to the jailed Kurdish prisoners ward, due to pressure and torture were visible bruises and scratches on the neck and signs of beatings, delighted in critical condition and even the power of speech and eating there has been abandoned As semiconscious, on a couch door paragraph 7 Rajai Shahr prison without medical attention has been abandoned. And, because of scratches and bruises on the neck of the Kurdish prisoners, suggesting it to obtain confessions from the prisoners, mock execution method is used. Mondat 10 October, citizens Kurdish people in East Kurdistan city Oshnavieh sent to hospital due to torture in the Ministry of Intelligence. It Kurdish citizen “Hasel Azizi” some time ago for alleged links with parties Kvrdstany was arrested by the Intelligence Bureau.

On Monday 10 October, Ahmad Tmvyy, Kurdish political prisoners detained in the central prison of Urmia in Kurdistan East to Branch 10 of the Revolutionary Court. Urmia moved and On charges of propaganda against the system by transmitting news of the death penalty in prison for the media and human rights organizations have been charged.

Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Kurdish political prisoner Zeynab Jalalian pushed to admit that in a television program to be prepared If she is not willing to do the televised confessions of permission for her family.

Mehrdad Sabouri, Omid Ahmadi, Shahu Sadeghi , Aram Mohammadi, Rojin Ebrahimiand Dlnya Sabouri propaganda against the regime and hold May Day “Labor Day” by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj sentenced to prison in Iran. The first branch of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj Islamic Republic of Iran, Mehrdad Sabouri to one year in prison, Shahu Sadeghi to three months in prison, Omid Ahmadi to one year in prison, Rojin Ebrahimi to one year in prison,Aram Mohammadi to 3 months in prison and Dlnya Sabouri sentenced to 1 year.

Bail, soft war with the government, community / Manijeh fatehi and Sahar Faizi with suppliers were released on bail heavy way.

Sanandaj prison officers about the defamation of political prisoners, and this way has increased alarmingly in recent months.

Prison officials and guards excuse for political prisoners, and based on false accusations and excuses for them impose restrictions. In relation to that diet, medication and treatment for prisoners in this prison rations and very low level of these services are provided to prisoners And prisoners will not be enough food to food in terms of quality, is also declining sharply.

Saadi Khaledian from diolan “Dehgolan”, Monday 17 October 2016, was arrested by Iranian security forces in his home.

Professor Hamed Kohneh poushi Payam Noor University Marivan on Monday 17 October 2016,  when they enter university teaching them to start saying that we know that you are a good teacher and Here’s ability to teach you, but unfortunately I should not have told you that henceforth allowed to teach.

Changiz Ghadam Khiri Kurdish political prisoners incarcerated in the prison city of Masjed Soleiman, who suffered leg pain from the disease outside the prison for treatment can not be transferred.

From 16 October to the 19 October, three in East Kurdistan Kamyaran citizen have been detained by the Intelligence Ministry. The names of three of the detainees named “Hussein Rouhani, Hassan and Heydar Ghorbani” is specified.

Soran Rashidi Kurdish political activist from the city of Marivan on his return from South Kurdistan Kurdistan East, Iran detained by security agencies and his fate remains unknown.

Kurdish artist named Mehdi Tavakkoli and Mohammad Abdi on 11 October in the street boulevard Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj were arrested by security forces.

Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Orumieh one of the political prisoners called “Hatem Kamran” held in Orumiyeh Central Prison on charges of cooperating with Kurdish parties have to endure 18 months of imprisonment.

Yassin Kanani, 29, and Adel Hussein zadeh 26-year-old from Saqez middle of this month, without an arrest warrant by the Intelligence Ministry arrested the two citizens.The families of the two Kurdish citizens until now the whereabouts of their children, despite the efforts and security institutions and agencies the information referred to in the Saqez, no news of the fate of their children.

Workers and Unions

Tuesday,  4 October 2016, more than 120 of the Clean Bijar municipal guards in protest against non-payment of salary 6 months old due to stop work and in municipal parking protest rally.

Sunday 9 October this year, a young Kurd named “Ghaleb Mollaei” village “Tudar-e Molla”, a suburb of Sanandaj when he lost his life due to hole collapse.

50% of marketers do not have sufficient literacy Kermanshah and more than a million dollars is not too packed.

Milad Moradi Kurdish worker fell from the seventh floor of Sanandaj Kosar hospital and lost his life.

Innocent civilians – Mine

The risk of mine explosions in seven hundred and six thousand two hundred and fifty hectares of land in East Kurdistan there.

Sarvabad surrounding area is full of mines left by the war between Iran and Iraq.Lack of minesweeping these areas, the main cause mine explosion Sunday that injured two young Sarvabad the called Jamal Fatahi, 19, and Armin Abdollahi was 27 years old.

14 October, a group of Kurdish innocent civilians Svmabradvst in the area of Urmia functions Iranian security forces were firing directly as a result of one of them, “Hassan Amini” lost his life.

Ashkan Fatahi Kurdish innocent civilian, 19 shoot straight with security forces in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran was seriously wounded.

Environment and Health

Gilan Gharb functions of forests and rangelands Heydarie was burned several times. Environmental activists have described the damage to 1,500 hectares.

Zarivar Lake in Marivan were burnt reeds.

Fire in the “Garmehzana and Shhshvl” among meadows village of “Noel” of city functions Javanroud in East Kurdistan from noon 11 October to the morning of 12 October this year was a fire by unknown persons.

Despite the highest rate of AIDS in Kermanshah / alarm rang Kermanshah. Nearly four thousand people are living in this province have been identified and other cases it is infected and The famous iceberg phenomenon is still not known, it is estimated that close to two hundred thousand.

Friday, 14 October, the forests of the mountains “Qala Bard” the functions of the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East due to rain from the military base shelling Kahreh Bie was a fire.

Operating room, the hospital closed down in Kermanshah, Kurdistan East.

On Saturday 8 October morning at half-past six pregnancies 6 months old woman to the hospital because of pain went Paveh but bad communication and lack of acceptance by the hospital returns home and When visiting the house of a pregnant woman gives birth in the hallway without facilities and baby born two minutes after the paddle dies.

A new wave of noise on satellite networks in East Kurdistan, “Kamyaran”.

Drinking water treatment plant in the city of Mahabad without being transferred to the homes of citizens. A long time resident of Mahabad, is to drink a glass of clean water, they have to buy it from vendors. Mahabad residents of some areas, especially in marginal areas have long been faced with a new problem so that in some areas the water muddy, smelly or pungent smell of chlorine from the pipes flows. And this made conditions difficult for the people of Mahabad and other nearby villages.

other things :

Suicide , Women, children

Exhaustion and lack of education is one of the most important problems of education schools in East Kurdistan’s city of Bukan.

15-year-old girl in the village of Niroy “Niroy” functions Nowdeshah city of Paveh, on the pretext of not having a birth certificate from continuing his studies.

On Tuesday 4 October 2016, residents of Marivan in a rally and march to the governor’s office referred Marivan Express your protest letter joined with five thousand signatures to protest the state road  Marivan – Sanandaj to bring those responsible; and the governor of Marivan moved towards the stadium; and the gathering and stopping at the places mentioned, was called a protest for citizens.

On Thursday 6 October, people Marivan demonstration to protest the poor state of the road that leads to the sacrifice of the people, took place. The demonstrators slogan written in condemnation of Sanandaj and Marivan lack of state officials on the state of the roads and subjects such as protest against the deaths of hundreds of young people on the road, came along.

On 7 October 2016 a worker from the village of Golchir, a subsidiary of Marivan in Kurdistan East with the profile of “Eqbal Ghaderpour” using guns put an end to his life.

Sunday, 9 October 1395 21-year-old girl from the village of Sonateh of city functions Saqez self-immolation and sent to the hospital after Sanandaj Besat due to the high percentage of burns has died.

Saturday 8 October 1395 in the town of Sanandaj city is Naysr Asavlh the new towns, a woman named “Saffy Karimi,” who has two children had hanged herself.

Tuesdat 11 October 17 year old girl in the village of Poush Abad (Poushavy)from the city of Shno in East Kurdistan at home father, hanged herself and ended his life.

19 October 8 pm, Fardin Ghorbani at his home ended his life by hanging up.

Mohammad Reza Shadanfr from Qasr-e Shirin, 36 old married and had a child because of poverty, unemployment and inability to meet the costs of everyday life by hanging himself committed suicide and died.

Four o’clock in the afternoon 24 October woman named Samia Almasi from Qasr-e Shirin, 22, is married and has one child and not because of poverty and low income workers that their partner was and With the prevailing economic and East Kurdistan unable to meet the cost of living, hanging out and died at the scene.

A Kurdish citizen from the city Gilan (Gilan Gharb) of his identity is still unknown Kurdish cities of South East due to its inability to meet the costs of treating her illness and died hanging.

Around 11 pm the evening of Sunday 16 October this year in the city of Boroujerd in Lorestan father, 13-year-old girl killed in the streets.

Hong forces in the border city of Maku in the border region “Khvlkhvlh village” in a passenger car to put your goal shooting and killing all three people on board the vehicle.

Late night Friday, 14 October Ahmad Nazari son Fateh in the area Sheikh Saleh direct hit in the Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan, was killed by security forces.

According to the Statistical Center of Iran household income and expenditure survey design results in 2015 , according to the census, income household group that lives in the political geography of the average annual income per household in Ilam, respectively 19 million and 798 thousand dollars and Sanandaj 20 million 145 thousand USD. And Iran’s highest-earning households, respectively, in Tehran, Hormozgan and Alborz live.

Forty-eight thousand Kurdish civilians in Ilam province Faly property rights and the basic rights of citizenship neglected.

At the end of the East Kurdistan,  Kurdistan Human Rights Association that wants to try to make diligent in their rights discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed them to bring to the world.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association.