Coalition Against Democracy in Rojava

The dictatorial character of the region, led by Turkey against the only democratic force in Syria are united.

Dictatorial governments in the region have realized that democratic forces in Syria, strength of character and attitude and innovative approach towards progressive social change and political change and democratic self-management and federalism thesis Administration authority and performance and cantons in areas under the control of Kobani Fryn island and modern design and modern model and liberation for the peoples of people under the governments of the Middle East.

Baath regime in Syria, Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic to cooperate with the forces of the Democratic People went to war in Hasaka and civilians and civilians were attacked and dozens of civilians were killed and many wounded.

Rojava which consists of a global coalition of popular forces, Australian citizens to the United States of America is in its place and stronghold of resistance against the coalition forces over the years has been oriented jihadi Islam but if the international coalition to victory in Mnyj and Hasaka, the government of the dictator character of the area concerned.

Turkey opposed the liberation of Mnyj and Hasaka and lest you miss Jarabulus Isis would Rojava free and democratic alliance with the United States of America with Tang entered the green light was Rojava and Democratic Alliance around manij in the initial moments bombarded.

Turkish army tanks enter Rojava long war will bring to the people of the region,Turkey’s military presence not only to turn the war and does not seek to wipe out the terrorist forces but to promote a war of attrition that sacrificed thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people will.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association condemned the warmongering policies of the governments of Turkey, Iran and Syria, civil society organizations and the world wants the public protest demanding the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from the Rojava.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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