Kurdish asylum seekers protest by hunger strike because of violation of their rights by Croatia


A Kurdish refugee went on hunger strike. following a protest by a group of Kurdish asylum seekers at the Zagreb Campus in the Croatian capital regarding the treatment and considering refugees dossier

Shokoh Karimi is a Kurdish refugee who has been on hunger strike. hunger strike of Kurdish asylum seekers is due to the inappropriate behavior of the staff and camp administrators.

According to the reporters, Mohammad Hojabri and Shokouh Karimi, who have a 4-year-old child, Agid. Kamil Azarion and Ronak Sharafi, along with their children, 12 year old Azarion honey, 7 year old Arsham Azarion, 33, Bakhtouri Hussein, 33, from Erbil, south of Kurdistan, wounded by a police officer in Croatia. A young man, Hugger from Holler, who spent 10 months in a Croatian prison, was eventually released on innocent proof.

The asylum seekers demanded that their protests be heard from international organizations for the protection of the rights of asylum seekers, the World Organization for Human Rights, UNICEF, the IOM and all organizations that campaign for human rights and equality.

It should be acknowledged that Ms. Shokouh Karimi from Seneh, East Kurdistan is on hunger strike on May 16 in protesting of the situation and the reasons that will be mentioned below. Asylum seekers in the camp have announced that the hunger strike will continue until complying with our demands.

1 staff members of the camp are Croatian, and all hate the asylum seeker and behave highly fascist and biased towards asylum seekers.

2 The security officer of the camp publicly insults the asylum seekers in a humiliating and insulting way, and if reugee ptotest to staff, they threaten the asylum seeker in a prison, deport, and the camp officials publicly support them.

3 Since the establishment of the camp. press news channels has been prevented from reporting on Camp and asylum seekers.

4 No protest will be allowed, and if such a thing happened, the person or protesters were immediately transferred to the prison, which should remain there for at least four months. refuges then be interviewed at the earliest opportunity and their dossier would be closed.

5 staff of the camp threat the refuges with a negative decision on the case.

6 In the dining room of asylum seekers, refuges is treated in a very humiliating way that food is thrown toasylum seekers.

7 There are legal advocates in the campus, but asylum seekers are deprived of having a lawyer.

protesters demand the support of all international asylum authorities, such as the UN, human rights organizations, the Asylum Seekers Committee at the United Nations.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association