Contaray to the claims of AKP government

Contrary to the claims of AKP government in Turkey ,in respecting democratic values and principles of human rights, it is well known that a great number of people are kept in Turkey’s prisons without trial, for their political views and civil activities. This is an unbearable situation. According to our sources the rights of prisoners are constantly denied and no improvement appears in prospect.

We firmly believe that international bodies and adherents of civil and human rights must act accordingly and pressurize Turkey to implement its international obligations in treating political detains.

We believe in our era people should not be detained for their political believes, therefore we demand the freedom of all those people who are imprisoned just because of their opinions.

Since March 2012 hundreds of political and civil liberty Kurdish activists are on hunger strike in different parts of the world, in support of political prisoners in Turkey whom since 56 days have been on hunger strike, protesting the ban on MR. Abdulla Ocalan to meet his lawyers and his prison condition. He has been banned to meet his lawyers for the past 8 months.

15 of those activists are on hunger strike in Strasbourg- France for the past 44 days and their health is deteriorating as time passes.

We hope by fulfillment of just demands of the strikers, the hunger strikes come to an end, because their continuation is a direct danger to the lives of those who are involved. We ask the International bodies who claim to defend the human rights, to intervene in this case and show their sensitivity towards human values.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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