Support the prisoners on hunger strike in Turkish prisons

On 21 days of September 2012, sixty three Kurdish people were Prisoner charged with membership in the Kurdistan Workers Party “PKK” is detained. They went on hunger strike. But on days of fortieth hunger strike in protest spread so wide near thousands of prisoners have been strike. The main demands of the striking prisoners and an end to the stress and Abstraction PKK leader Mr Abdullah Ocalan in prison “Amraly” and using native language ”Kurdish”. By prisoners in the state courts.

In our view as a Kurdish human rights defender demands of prisoners Logical and lawful in the framework of international law, prisoners but unfortunately, the Turkish government and the Ministry of The country has so far refused to answer political prisoners. And the added pressure on political prisoners. The right to a defence in court permanently banned Kurdish language and trampled the same time Mr Abdullah Ocalan he has in Turkish prison island Amraly over twelve years. There for he spent near a year visitors are not allowed to meet him and his lawyers were not allowed too! Since his spend condition and pressure are unknown. According to published reports based on the news that we have reached the Kurdish prisoners hunger strike in some Turkish prisons, the strikers were transferred to solitary confinement, prison officials has added pressure against prisoners , As has been reported that the prison “daxTkyr” strikers were beaten and mistreated.

We are as human right in Europe support and give our protection to the strikers and their demands we ask Turkish government would consider their demands and brought implemented. We’re asking the international organization Human Rights Watch and The immediate representatives to send Turkish prisons and to investigate the prisoners on hunger strike.

Why the principles of human rights, particularly the way the striking prisoners are systematically trampled. Also, the International Red Cross and Organization Doctors without Borders have asked to visit and inspect the prisoners on hunger strike the delegation mentioned submit to the prisons. Because these prisoners are on hunger strike for more than forty days, and the day of their physical condition is deteriorating. Also all the fighters, philanthropist and civil activists ask to the efforts and aspirations of political prisoners and do not silent Support them.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association