Enforcement arrested a campaign insulting Imam Reza

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association has reached enforcement campaign one of the presidential candidates in Iran’s Ilam Province in East Kurdistan Saturday, 29 April 2017, on charges of blasphemy, insulting Islam and insulting Imam Reza in the city of Mehran in East Kurdistan by security forces arrested Islamic Republic of Iran and was transferred to an unknown location.

The report said that Chief Justice Mohammad Razm Islamic Republic of Iran in Ilam province, also confirmed the news saying that “The person who is in the city Ivan West Provincial Headquarters opening ceremony of the twelfth round one of the presidential candidates in Ilam, read the letter  including blasphemy and insulting the holy Imams and Imam Reza was insult. After receiving the report, police reference in this context, the issue was on the agenda of the judiciary Province and the first branch court prosecutor center of Ilam province report to the city to investigate the election fraud, referred “.

Mohammad Razm also said that the Prosecution Office ordered the arrest of the person summoned and ordered that he refuses to appear before the court that and when officers went rogatory to the city Ivan realized that he had fled to the nearby town of Mehran.

This person earlier today by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran near the Mehran has been arrested and imprisoned.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association