Suicide of three citizens in one week


On Thursday, July 23, 2022, according to reports, three citizens lost their lives in the past few days.

According to reports, during the past few days, a teenager with the identity of “Mobin Azari”15 years old and, the son of Abu Bakr Azari and Fatemeh Tarom, from Piranshahr (Piranshar), committed suicide.

Also, on July 22, 2022, a young citizen with the identity of “Ali Karami”, the son of Sheikh Ali, a resident of “Divan” village and a resident of Jafarabad neighborhood of Kermashan province, hanged himself and ended his life.

In connection with this news, on June 20 of this year, a female citizen with the identity of “Soraya Mandan”, 50 years old, from the village of “Dulpsan” and a resident of the town of “Tarzlovi” in Urmia, committed suicide by hanging herself and SHe ended her life.

As of this writing, no information is available on the cause of the suicide.