The Decision to Issue an Arrest Warrant for Salih Muslim by the Turkish Government Represents a Clear Breach of International Principles of Law and is an Overreaching Act of Human Rights Violation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association views the decision made by the Turkish courts to issue an arrest and extradition warrant for Salih Muslim, co-President of the PYD, as contravening the global principles of law and natural justice, and asserts that the Turkish courts do not have the right to order the arrest of political figures from Western Kurdistan/Rojava.

Salih Muslim is a key political figure leading the diplomatic efforts to liberate Rojava, and the co-President of Democratic Party of the PYD, and any threat made against him is seen as a threat made against the people of Kurdistan collectively.

The Turkish government seeks to continue waging a repeat of its long serving war against the people of Kurdistan, and it’s been forthcoming and transparent in its opposition to all forms of Kurdish rights activism, wherever it may be within Kurdistan or the world more broadly.

This decision comes at the same time as the decision to issue arrest warrants for 48 Kurdish political figures.

In relation to these attitudes and actions of the Turkish State, the Kurdistan Human Rights Committee asks the members of the United Nations to bring an end to these unjust and overreaching violations by the Turkish government and hold their neighbouring country accountable to the principles of natural justice.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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