The continued arrest of the family members of Hussein Panahi and the release of one of them temporarily

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Sunday 23 July 2017, the political prisoner of the Keyvan Hussein Panahi was temporarily released from prison.

At the same time, Ahmad and Zubair Hussein Panahi were transferred to the central prison of Sanandaj, but there is still no news available from Ramin Hussein Panahi.

Also, two other members of the same family, named Afshin and Abbas Hossein Panahi, are detained in the Ministry of Intelligence. According to the same report, on Friday 23 June 2017, during an attack on the car of Ramin Hussein Panahi by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, he was targeted by two bullets, then arrested and in spite of the need for a hospital detained and conditions and places are unknown. Following the incident, security forces arrested some members of the family of Hussein Panahi by the names of Afshin, Zubair, Ahmad, Abbas and Keyvan Hussein Panahi. The charges against these people are linked to the July the clash in Sanandaj, which occurred between a Kurd organization (Komala) and members of the Revolutionary Guards.

Obviously, during the years of its rule, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always exploited and suppressed the Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan, under the pretense and unrealistic titles, and committed non-human rights activism, which is the act of torture of a wounded person and his lack of transfer to the hospital and excessive pressure and the arrest of his family members are also their repressive actions against the nation, especially the youth of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association