A representative of the Prosecutor General of Tehran visited Rajaee Shahr prison in Karaj on 20 January to investigate the case of Syrian Kurdish political prisoner Ramazan Ahmad, who had complained about the extreme physical abuse that he had received at the hands of prison officers at the prison, after which he spent six days in coma, a reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The representative of the Prosecutor General of Tehran met Ahmad and a number of his inmates at the head office of the prison in Ward 4, where he asked to hear from the prisoners about the physical abuse complaints filed by Ahmad.

However, the deputy manager of the prison known as Mr Mirzaee had been very angry and interrupted the meeting when Kurdish death row political prisoner Zanyar Morady had tried to explain how Ahmad was beaten and spent six days in coma.

Mirzaee had shouted at Morady saying: “Your death penalty will no doubt be carried,” following which he repeated death threats against the prisoner and other inmates around him in the presence of the representative of the General Prosecutor of Tehran.

The source said that the Tehran official had held in his hands a copy of a letter that Ahmad had recently addressed to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Ahmad Shaheed.

The Tehran official at the meeting asked Ahmad to explain his letter and Morady had to interpret for him because Ahmad is unable to speak Farsi, he he originally comes from the town of Kobane in the Rojava Syrian Kurdish region.

But while Morady interpreted Ahmad’s speech, the prison’s deputy manager Mirzaee had shouted and interrupted the scene once again.

He had threatened Morday saying: “ You will be hanged soon because the JCPA [referring to Iran’s nuclear deal negotiations] have been finalized”.

The KHRN source said that other prison inmates had talked to the Tehran official explaining what had happened and how the prison officers had used extreme physical torture and abuse against Ahmad.

The source added that Ahmad asked the representative of the General Prosecutor of Tehran to provide him with urgent medical support and the official had promised to assist him.