The Islamic Republic of Iran shelling the southern Kurdistan region.

According to the report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Sunday 2 July 2017, the military forces affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran, mountain slopes Halgurd in Soran region and near to Haji Omran border the shelling has done.

According to an informed source, woman was wounded in the shelling of the area by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Loss and damage to farms and agricultural lands and also, more than 16 heads of livestock of the village of Konari people have been wasted.

It is worth noting that the Iranian government every year when harvesting agricultural products to absurd pretext he Kurdistan areas shelling had done.

South Kurdistan has been exposed to artillery strikes in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as in the bombing of Turkish airplanes, causing civilians to suffer from these border regions, and so far, dozens of them have been the victims of the two government’s attacks.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association