Hanging out controversial continues in Meriwan city

According to information received by “Kurdistan Human Rights Association”, in the last month, there have been eight bodies found being hung in different areas by the Meriwan residents. On Tuesday three hangings were reported in Meriwan also.

Based on report from KHRA the names of people who have died in suspicious as follows:

Ebdulla Wahedi 19 years old, his body was found hung behind Dervesh Cemetery near the Zirebar Lake.
Dana Xunke from the village of Sirnijmar, his body was discovered at his home in the chicken Factory.
Fethulla Xiyalduz 40 year old from Revar (village in Meriwan), his corpse was found near the block making of Musavi.
Behzad Brumend from the town of Nodshe of Hewraman, his body was found in his carpet shop.
Shehram Fatimi 16 years old from the village of Berqela, his corpse was discovered hung between the village and Chicken Factory.
Saman Ibrahimpur 31 years old, also married, from Bukan living in Meriwan, his body was found at his home in Nary Square.
Kawe Kerimiyan 25 year old engaged in military service from Muski (village in Meriwan) was found while he was hanging. Kawe is now being treated at a hospital.
Muhemmed Huseyni from Kerman engaged in military service of Meriwan who was wounded by gunshots. Muhammed also is being treated at a hospital.

Earlier, authorities had no reference to the wave of suspicious hangings in Meriwan but with the release of the report by KHRA in last week governor of Meriwan had said in TV to cover up the murders “hanging the people is not suspected and they have committed suicide due to financial and family issues. Suicide statistics have reduced in Meriwan”.

According to reports from civil activists of KHRA, in the past decades there has not been a spread invollving suicides in or around Meriwan. This is important because all the victims have been hung in a similar manner only by a blue rope, locals ask.

In this regard, a wave of fear and panic is spreading among the Meriwanian People.

Experts and people familiar with the Meriwan situation stress that this incident was suspicious, calls for people to be careful, conscious and fearless.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association — KMMK

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