Strong protest village residents “Choman” and “Zali” than the burning of forests by Regiment forces border

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association has reached the village residents “Choman” and “Zali” functions Baneh in Kurdistan East, strong protest over the burning of forests around the village by the bordering Regiment showed.

In the report itself that on time 23: 30 pm dated 11 June 2017, three places from forests and rangelands villages “Choman” and “Zali ” of city functions Baneh by the Regiment bordering was burned and when people going off it there, the Regiment bordering to prevent people from turning it off and they started to a shooting at them.

In the report itself that about 5 hectares of forests and meadows of the villages have been burned.

It should be noted that in the forests, “Hardrizh” Ilam province and in the forests of the Highlands “Bazidraz” in Kermanshah on 6 June 2017, forests ” Goldareh ” Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad 5 June , forests “mountain kabirkuh” malekshahi in Ilam province 2 June , jungles ” Sirvan “and” Abdanan “in Ilam province 2 June , forest Ivan in Ilam province (for three days) 1 June forests” Shalam “in Ilam province 31 May, forests” Kuhdasht “Lorestan 29 May and fires in the forests of” mountain kabirkuh ” Ilam province on 28 May 2017, thousands of hectares of Zagros mountain pastures and forests were burned context and according to Villagers, the fire intentional and carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association



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