Request cash from students “Soma Brados” and threatened with expulsion and lower test scores

According to reports of human rights Kurdistan, in the academic year (95_96) Solar, public school principals Zone “Cat and Brados” functions urmia city in East Kurdistan students request cash, and they have declared that in case of non-payment the deadline to pay fines and decreasing test scores and even face expulsion from school.

According to reports received, parents, students, school administrators Islamic Republic of Iran to protest the move and considered it a violation of the law,While the Department of Education has not responded to the manager’s actions.

It should be noted that this trend continues in the Kurdistan East schools and take money from students. Most families because of inability to pay the costs incurred by having to deprive their children of education.

Most schools in Iran, especially in East Kurdistan due to lack of financial aid Islamic Republic of Iran because of old building , the lack of heating and adequate ventilation, and lack of educational and sports facilities, an excuse for school principals families pressured request money that, if in accordance with international laws grade education courses should be available to everyone free of charge.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association