Killed a Kurdish young by torture Intelligence agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on 25 May 2017,  Ministry of Intelligence and the city of Karaj family “Diako Hashemi” to get the body of their son was summoned to the office.

According to the report, Amir Hashemi father Diako Hashemi was forced to give a commitment to the Intelligence agents city of Karaj , who killed their son should not be released through the network and broadcast news.

It should be noted that the family of Hashemi allow the transfer of his son’s body birthplace of Rawansar Diako Hashemi not and it should the body be buried in the city of Karaj.

Diako Hashemi, 24 years old from the village of ” Pashttang” of city functions Rawansar in East Kurdistan, and named in 2011 in Finland migrated, but because of illness father to visit them in the city of Karaj which his family over 15 years, residents there have returned, but by the intelligence officers the city of Karaj was arrested and after two months of detention in the cells of the Intelligence Bureau beaten and tortured and unfortunately in this connection, his life lost.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association