17 years old girl committed suicide, from “Piranshahr ” in East Kurdistan

According to reports received Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Monday 29 May 2017, 17 years old girl from Piranshahr  named Kani (Sara Akfudeh) , child of Sayed Ebrahim Akfudeh , ended her life by hanging himself.

According to this report, she was out last night with the family until late into the night and then returned home via social networking (online) bid farewell to her friends and the dawn of suicide attempts.

Needless to say that parents “Kani” are originally from the city of Mahabad in East Kurdistan and his father was a school teacher for many years previously by the Islamic Republic of Iran, had been arrested and sent to prison and and after a few years in prison, from teaching disadvantaged and was dismissed from his job.

To preparation of the report of the suicide of the 17 years old information is not available and while day to day statistics of suicides in East Kurdistan among young people, particularly girls is on the rise and no doubt new generation of products false teaching Islamic Republic of Iran that for young people, especially young Iranian Kurd and the emergence and expansion Statistics is responsible for the suicides.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association