Danger of Deportation a Kurdish Political Activist from Croatia to Turkey


On Thursday, February 08, 2024, the KMMK news center reported the potential deportation of Tamer Yilmaz – a citizen of Northern Kurdistan- from Croatia to Turkey.

Tamer Yilmaz, 42 years old, was detained and imprisoned by airport security police at Zagreb Airport, Croatia, on January 26, 2024. He was informed that he would be extradited to Turkey due to a request from the Turkish government through Interpol.

It is worth mentioning that Tamer Yilmaz, as a political asylum seeker, has the right of residence in France and had previously been sentenced to nine years in prison by the Turkish judicial system due to his political activities in Northern Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association considers the case of Tamer Yilmaz to be its responsibility and, through correspondence with the French consulate in Croatia, seeks to halt the deportation process from Croatia to Turkey and to repatriate him to France. Additionally, it is actively pursuing serious actions.

Furthermore, this organization, in order to oppose the inhumane policies against Kurdish citizens of the occupying governments of Kurdistan, including Iran and Turkey, highlights their attempts to deport political and civil activists through forgery and false allegations. They aim to hand over these activists to Iran and Turkey via Interpol and Europol for imprisonment and execution.

Therefore, we, as an active organization for the human rights of our Kurdish people, warn against this illegal and unjust act and hold Croatia and also France responsible for the expulsion of this Kurdish citizen to Turkey. An action that violates human rights and asylum laws and is contrary to the laws of democratic countries.

Thus, we urge the European Union Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, and Amnesty International to prevent such a tragedy by Turkey and Iran and take necessary actions based on their constitution and human rights charter to prevent the repetition of such inhumane dealings with Iran and Turkey.

In conclusion, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association demands the immediate release of Tamer Yilmaz from Croatian prison and his return to France.