Four Kurdish political prisoners were Executed


On Monday, 29, January 2024, four political prisoners named Mohammad Faramarzi, 28 years old from Deulan, Mohsen Mazloum, 27 years old from Mahabad, Wafa Azarbar, 26 years old from Bukan, and Pejman Fatehi, 28 years old from Kameran, were executed by the Iranian regime in Ghazal-Hesar Prison.

It should be noted that these four political prisoners, members of one of the opposition parties, were detained in the beginning of August 2022 by the security forces of the Islamic Republic in the village of “Yangijeh” in the Soma region of Urmia, and for the past one and a half years, these prisoners have been denied the right to access to a lawyer, contact and meeting with the family.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association strongly condemning this inhuman sentence, it emphasizes that the accusations against these political prisoners without the right of access to a fair trial and an appointed lawyer are against all human rights standards and even the laws of the Iranian regime, and also the arbitrary detention of these mans is classified as Enforced disappearance. This terrible act is not only in conflict with international obligations, but also with the principles of humanity.