Parham Parvari’s Sentence was confirmed


Parham Parvari’s sentence of imprisonment and exile was confirmed and communicated to him in the 9th branch of the Supreme Court of Iran.

According to the report received by the KMMK, Parham Porori Parvari, a resident of Saqqez, was sentenced to five years of penal servitude and ten years of exile to Jask prison by Judge Amouzad of the 28th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

It should be noted that this citizen is a graduate of mechanical engineering and holds several national positions in the field of swimming, who was kidnapped by the security forces of the Iranian regime during the revolutionary uprising of Woman, Life , Freedom to the Tehran prison and finally he was sent to Ward 6 of Evin prison to execute the sentence.

It is worth mentioning that, along with other judges like Judge Salvati, Judge Amouzad has a black record and is famous for issuing heavy sentences and state death sentences under the title of execution.