Pressure and attack of security forces on the house of two political and civil activists in Marivan


On Monday, November 20, 2023, the security forces of the Iranian regime raided the homes of two political and civil activists from Marivan, named Kaveh Faraji and Aras Faraji, and after inspecting the house and confiscating their personal belongings, they interrogated their family members.

According to a source close to our organization; During the past week, the above-mentioned persons were summoned several times by telephone to the Iranian regime’s intelligence office in Marivan, and after they did not return, the security forces raided the private home of Kaveh Faraji and the father’s house of Aras Faraji at night and threatened their families.

It should be mentioned that Kaveh Faraji, born in 1978, the son of Aref, a native of Lanj Abad village, Marivan, was a well-known political activist in Marivan, who had a history of being convicted and spent several years in prisons of the Iranian regime. On September 20, 2023, he was summoned to the Information Office of the Iranian regime in Marivan, but he refused to go to this security institution.

Also, Aras Faraji, born in 1991, the son of Khaled, from the village of Lanj Abad, Marivan, has been summoned several times by the security institutions of the Iranian regime due to his civil activities.

It is worth mentioning that, during the raid of the security forces on the home of these activists from Marivan, the parents of Aras Faraji were interrogated by the Iranian regime forces for more than an hour in their home.