Humiliated and beat prisoner from Saqez of East Kurdistan in Karaj Rajaie Shahr prison

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Nader Mohammadi from Saqez citizen sentenced to death on charges of murder in Ward 2 (Daralqoran) prison in Karaj kept. Ward officials, the detained protesters as humiliation in front of other prisoners were undressed.

The report said that Nader Mohammadi because of objections to sex publicly, between prisoners or to his own words “sodomy in the hall,” and neglect, on a hunger strike protesting that the beating, insulting and transfer of punishment by prison officials have been met.

The prisoner said he ordered the Mahdavifar head of the ward, brought him to the hall downstairs, where they beat and insulted and then put him to Ward 10 transferred by the head of the ward also beaten and insulted and by sexual insults and humiliation by the official to have been undressed.

It should be mentioned that according to human rights, the imposition of punishment and deprivation of liberty, one of the basic rights that belong to human rights, does not deprive the rights of all the persons of prisoners and detainees as well.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association