Mining seasonal workers protest Aghdareh (Urmia) in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , more than 40 miners Aghdareh to protest the dismissal from work, today held a protest gathering.

The report said that the workers mentioned that about 40 people from the village (Aghdareh middle) are referred to previously for seasonal gold mine Aghdareh were working, but this year the employer allows enterprises to left and so on Wednesday, 10 May 2017, in protest against the mine have.

The workers say since to date no jobs for them in the first half of this year there have been other than mining , they are still in front of their former workplace in case of change of employer can be employed.

Gold mine Aghdareh as the second largest gold mine in the political geography of Iran and 30 km from the city Tekab (West Azarbaijan province) in East Kurdistan, is the headquarters of the owners of the mine in the city of Karaj. The annual production capacity of the mine more than 2 / 2 tons reached in operation.

In this framework mines Kurdistan province can also be noted that according to the results, 8,500 square kilometers of the geographical zone of Sanandaj also been exploited for mineral exploration and And in addition to 7,000 square kilometers planning and a total of 366 mining units only 9 units by companies managed Kurdistan and the rest of them are managed by state owned companies or non Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association