Nazanin Zahra Sarvi was tried

On Sunday, December 18, 2022, the court session and trial of Nazanin Zahra Sarvi, one of the detainees of the nationwide uprising, was held at the first branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj (Sna).
It should be noted that Ms. Sarvi has been accused by the Iranian government and its security institutions of “collusion and collusion against national security”.

According to the news published by the news agencies, initially his bail was increased and when he protested this issue, he demanded to reduce the bail, but the judge of the case increased his bail to 3 billion tomans.
Nazanin Zahra Sarvi was not able to provide this heavy bail and was transferred to the Women’s Ward of the Correctional Center of the Government of Iran in Sanandaj.

Nazanin Zahra Sarvi was arrested on November 4th in connection with the revolution and nationwide protests in Sanandaj city, and was released on November 16th by posting bail until the end of the proceedings.
Nazanin Zahra Sarvi is the daughter of Ali and a PhD student in the field of architecture at Kurdistan University.