The latest news about the situation in the city of Abdanan after the attack of the armed forces on the protesters


According to Issa Baziar, an active in the field of mine neutralisation: Monday, October 18, 2022, following the protest of the people of Abdanan city in Ilam province and the subsequent attack by the repressive forces of the Islamic Republic on the population, 20 protesters were injured by shotgun fire.

He added: With the attack of the armed forces on the people of Abdanan, which continued until late at night, 8 people have been detained so far, and the names of three of them are as follows:
32 years old Reza Moradkhani, 32 years old Hasan Lalehzari, and Korush Rahmati, also one person was seriously injured by war weapons, who was taken to the hospital and his condition was declared critical.

This well-known Ilam activist also said: According to the request of the families of the injured citizens, and to protect them from detention by the government security forces, their names have been refused.