Fear the Islamic Republic of fair trial and Luqman and Zanyar Moradi

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association is reached, Zanyar and Luqman Moradi two political prisoners Kurdish sentenced to 2 August 2009, in detention centers and prisons of the Islamic Republic kept in the names open to the public opinion of torture that have endured talk written between the judiciary and the Islamic Republic of Iran for fear of scandal and fabricated the case against them, prevents fair trial.

The full text of a Zanyar and Luqman Moradi is as follows:

“Almost 8 years and a half that we spent days and nights with death sentence And the last time we held a formal trial, nearly three and a half years ago.

As Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Judiciary knows no document or evidence of false accusations that have been attributed to the file does not exist, 8 years is a victim of political games and scenarios are designed Sanandaj Intelligence Office. Only one execution can understand what is under sentence of death and the meaning of life fade!

On the first date August 2014, with the presence of a lawyer of his revered Mr. Saleh Nikbakht, a court to hear the case, we was established in the briefing judge on incomplete records and lack of evidence against us, endorsed, opposed even witnesses innocence We testified at the trial that is due to double our innocence.

Within three years from the date the court several times (three times), the case of the Prosecution Office to complete and fix its defects in our hometown (city of Marivan) in East Kurdistan has been transferred but due to lack of evidence case of incomplete documentation remains so today more than ever, our innocence is proven.

This transparency not guilty to the extent that the judge We recently announced “During the investigation, no evidence exists that the accusations” !!!

Clearly, all citations against us are born of torture is, interrogations and tortures a lot of what they say little saying, as they still have nightmares of that day and night we weigh the effects of torture, inhuman body and our soul there.

In custody (10 months) in the Intelligence Detention Center in Sanandaj, for many reasons it was clear that due to understand such an accusation, nothing but a pony is not political, because the first 9 months of detention only being a member of Komala, which we attributed were.

Malice and hostility of the Iranian government with the father of one of us (Zanyar Moradi) that political activists and members of opposition parties, the Islamic Republic is due to a case of performing for us, while several times on the territory of southern Kurdistan attempt to assassinate him have all been unsuccessful.

Given the lack of evidence and documents and false accusations and gratuitous keep for a long time in prison, the Ministry of Information for fear of scandal and reveals the artificiality of the case, the holding of a fair trial, prohibition and permission of the court does not. But we still have not lost hope for justice and hope in the near future trial, and the facts are clear.

It should be noted that Zanyar and Luqman Moradi on 11 August 1388 by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Marivan were arrested and after 9 months in prison news headquarters of the Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sanandaj in East Kurdistan admission severe physical and psychological pressure and torture, were transferred to the central prison of the year and after 6 months they were transferred to Tehran’s Evin prison.

Zanyar and Luqman Moradi January 22 December 2010, Branch 15 of the Tehran Islamic Revolution Court Judge Abolqasim Salvati trial on charges of “waging war through membership in a group obstinate and murder of the son of imams Marivan” to public executions convicted on 9 July of 2011, the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence and then to Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj were transferred and since then kept in this prison.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association