Oshnavieh; A cultural and artistic activist committed suicide


On Saturday, September 17, 2022, a citizen with the identity of “Rahim Azizian”, 54 years old, from the village of “Ali-Ava” in the districts of Oshnavieh city (Shno) committed suicide and ended his life.

According to the report, this citizen was one of the Kurdish intellectuals who, in 1987, was ranked 64 in the national university in the field of economics, and he is also the author of several scientific articles and books related to the brain and nerves in Kurdish, Farsi and English languages. .

It is worth mentioning that he was an activist in the field of painting and calligraphy.

In his latest Instagram post, the mentioned person talked about the society’s despair and indifference towards him in such a way that his abilities are not respected and he suffered from depression, and this is one of the problems that the Kurdistan society has suffered and the Islamic Republic of Iran is the cause of the problem. It is because of the disintegration of the society that it can advance its plans by relying on this system.