The death of a Kurdish refugee due to the greed of smuggling in Belarus


In the last week of August 2022, a 41 years old refugee named “Delshad (Hamid) Gilanizadeh” from the village of Rajan, Urmia, died due to the greed of a smuggler in the streets of Belarus.

According to the statements of an informed source: Hamid Gilanizadeh from Urmia reached Belarus through smuggling through contact with a smuggler known as “Mustafa” and from there he had to be transported to European countries.

The source added: After the stay of Delshad Gilanizade in Belarus for several months and the inability to fulfill the obligations of the Smuggler – Mustafa – regarding the transfer of the said person to the countries of Central Europe, the said person suffered a nervous attack in one of the houses rented by the smuggler in the last week of August. and his health condition is disturbed.

Then, the people working with the smuggler called him to get an assignment, and they were ordered by the smuggler to leave Hamid (Delshad) in the street after taking his money and documents.

Also, the mentioned source continued: Hamid (Delshad) Gilanizade died in the street a few days later due to the lack of medical attention and due to the deterioration of his physical condition.

According to the report, after the Belarusian police was informed about the death of this Kurdish citizen, by means of an Iranian SIM card in the pocket of the deceased refugee and conducting an investigation through the Iranian embassy, ​​the identity of Hamid Gilanizadeh was revealed to the police and his family was informed of the death.Their children will be informed.

It should be mentioned that every year, due to the oppression of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government on its citizens, especially Kurdish citizens, several young people lose their lives on the way to migrate to safe countries in Europe.