Citizens protested in Sanandaj in Kurdistan East to the municipality

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Sunday 30 April 2017,  a collective of the citizens of the town of Hassan Abad year (in Kurdistan), due to poor road conditions, Hassan abad protest and blocked the road and demanded an investigation the authorities municipal this issue and while the City of Sanandaj moved and there is also the performance of the government agencies and the Administration Building and accidents were protesting.

Needless to say that every day road accidents in East Kurdistan, human and material losses to civilians brought and the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard, no program has been compiled and expertise offered and the measures taken also because without quality materials in construction, leading to work again and again or the high costs it’s against the law, since in accordance with paragraph 16 of Article 70 law, the duties and the Islamic councils, one of the responsibilities of the Council, “passed bills to establish or cancel the effects of, and changes in the type and amount taking into account the public policy of the state that the Interior Ministry announced. ”

Municipalities should serve as an independent, self-sufficient, able to provide service to the people and this requires resources to make a sustainable income and municipalities can not and should these resources in any way meet, but getting any money should be under the jurisdiction which he’s terms.

The approval of the establishment or abolition of complications is possible only with the approval of the City Council and municipal legislation in this regard should only be a presenter.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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