Arrest of a citizen at the border of Bashmaq-Marivan


On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, a citizen with the identity of “Sobhan Moloudi”, 32 years old, the son of Ahmad and from the village of “Tengisar” of Sanandaj (Sna) was arrested by the security forces of the government of Iran at the border of Bashmaq-Marivan.

According to the received reports, Sobhan Moloudi has been working as a confectioner and confectioner in Erbil (Holir) for 5 years, and after returning from South Kurdistan, he was arrested by Iranian security forces at the Bashmaq border.

It should be noted that Sobhan Moloudi was arrested without a court order, and after his arrest, he was transferred to an unknown place, and no information about him is available after his arrest.

It is worth noting that until the moment of publication of this news, there is no information available about the reasons for the arrest and the charges brought against this citizen.