Inadequate conditions of a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment in Urmia Prison

Arsalan Khodkam, a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, is serving his sentence in the Iranian government prison in Urmia. During a meeting with his family, he expressed concern about the poor condition of the prison and the lack of medical care, as he has nervous problems as well as headaches, and stated that no action has been taken to address his request.

Arsalan Khodkam, 53, from Mahabad, was arrested in April 2018 by Iranian government security forces on charges of acting against national security through espionage and interrogated and tortured. At the end of April, after enduring 26 days of detention, torture and solitary confinement, he was finally transferred to a public ward in the city of Urmia.

It should be noted; He was one of the surrendering forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, which joined the Revolutionary Guards of the Iranian government in the 1990s, and his membership lasted for 16 years.
He was sentenced to death in Branch 1 of the Military Court of the Government of Iran, in the Urmia, in October 2018, with the approval of Branch 32 of the Supreme Court of the Government of Iran.
which was finally changed to life imprisonment on April 14,2021.