Four prisoners was executed in one day in Kurdistan

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, two prisoners, identified as Khosrow Tark and Kamal Bayani Rad, were executed by the Iranian judiciary in Ilam.

It should be noted that the Kurdistan Human Rights Association had previously published the news of the execution of Sattar Arghandeh from Malekshahi in the same prison and on the same date.

It is worth mentioning that Sattar Arghandeh was sentenced to death two years ago, Khosrow Tark seven years ago and Kamal Bayani Rad five years ago for premeditated murder by the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this regard, on Wednesday, June 8, in the I.R.Iran’s prison in Kermanshah ( Krmashan ), a 33 year old prisoner named Droud Yousef Beigi, who had been sentenced to death four years ago for premeditated murder, was executed.

It should be noted that the names and news related to the execution of none of the executed prisoners were announced by the official sources of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian domestic media.


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