Mariwan; Four civilians were injured Due to IR’s forces Direct fire and arrested another person

On Thursday, May12, 2022, Four citizens named “Ayub Piroozi”, 28 years old, son of Fatah, “AbuBakr Fatahi”, 35 years old, son of Mohamad, “Dana Piroozi”, 25 years old, son of Atta and “Ayub Piroozi”, 36 years old, son of Abdullah from “Sardush” village of Marivan functions were wounded by the firing of Iranian government armed forces on the border of “Dola-bi”.

According to the report, these citizens, who were carrying livestock, were targeted by direct fire from the armed forces of the I.R.Iran at the Dola-bi border without prior notice, and their livestock was confiscated by these government forces.

In regards with this news, another citizen with the identity of “Karo Sidiq Yamani” also from the “Sardush” Village was arrested by that mentioned forces.

It is worth mentioning that these four citizens from Marivan were transferred to the medical center of that city for treatment.