Sanandaj (Sna); Release of one of the citizens detained during the Nowruz ceremony with the release of bail


On Thursday, April 28, 2022, one of the detainees of the Nowruz ceremony, identified as “Fovad Enayati” from Sanandaj (Sna), was released on bail from the Iranian government prison in that city.

According to the report, Fovad Enayati, who was detained by security forces at the Sanandaj (Sna) Children Park during the Nowruz ceremony, was released from the Iranian government prison in Sanandaj (Sna) on bail of 600 million Tomans until the end of the trial.

He was denied “access to a lawyer” and “family visits” during his detention.

It is worth noting that the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have accused this citizen of “collaborating with one of the opposition parties of the Iranian government.”

He was arrested in September 2019 for participating in gatherings in support of Rojava and in February 2020 , he was sentenced by Branch 104 of the Criminal Court 2 Iranian governments in Sanandaj (Sna) to on charges of “disturbing public order by participating in illegal gatherings .” He was sentenced to imprisonment,to 10 months in prison and 74 lashes and this sentence was carried out on July 27, 2020 by the First Branch of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sanandaj.