International Women’s Day is not a day for congratulations to the women

According to the United Nations Status of Women, disturbing and a violation of women’s rights in recent years has been in the past. The  Kurdistan Human Rights Association International Women’s Day as a day of inequality and injustice in the world’s alert status.

According to UN figures one-third of women around the world, of violence in a close relationship with man and have experienced sexual violence part of their lives. Only in 76 countries, laws that crime and harassment against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender on their agenda.

Only 23% of the representatives of the parliaments of 100 countries in the world are women, laws that force women to limit the job. In 18 countries, men have a right to their affiliates that women have a job, prevented. Millions of girls and women have been deprived of self-determination and control over their lives.

50% of women who are killed, at the hands of his former spouses or killed. For women 15 to 44 years, violence is a leading cause of death and disability. More than 80% of trafficking victims are women.

Currently, more than 130 million girls and women in some countries, incomplete sexual (genital mutilation incorrectly called) are. Every year, killed, raped or enslaved thousands of women, just because they are women.

According to the United Nations position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of Discrimination against Women, a total of 136 countries, the status of 130.

Laws and legal regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran is mainly based on gender discrimination and interests of women constitute half of the world population is dominated by men placed and major problems such as forced marriages, self-immolation of violence against women, the murder of women and girls who were raped suicide is created.

The report states that the most common method of suicide by self-burning among Kurdish women in East Kurdistan’s cities. 30% of self-immolation in Ilam Province and 23% in Kermanshah, Iran ranked first and second in the geopolitical been allocated.

In East Kurdistan unemployment much more women and domestic violence, laws and patriarchal system of Islamic government that tries to women due to sexual function of men and goods is increasing suicide rates and the suicides of women in Kurdistan has been no reaction among Iranian authorities this indicates not create value and lack of government attention to women’s lack of Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association on the basis of the UN resolution that was signed in 1945, the principle of equality of men and women as the most fundamental of human rights and the international community wants as equal partners with men in achieving women’s participation in education, peace, security and full respect for human rights, promotion day.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association