At least 7 kolbers were wounded and the kolbers were looted by the Iranian military

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Two kolbers, Faryad Adak 30 years old from sarv abad( solava) and Mohammad Moloudi 21 years old from , Baneh, were severely wounded in a direct fire attack by Iranian forces in the Nosovo Heights of Horaman and Hangeh Jal in Baneh.

In another report, last night, Iranian military forces opened fire on a group of kolbers in the Koli Svar and Palani areas of Kurdistan (southern Kurdistan), injuring five culprits.

The identities of these five kolbers are as follows.

1- Satar from Shamshir village
2- Arman Mostafazadeh from Mansour Aghaei village of Shaho city
3- Salam eazami from Mansour Aghaei village of Shaho city
4- Farzad is from Banehoreh village of Paveh
5- Salam Moradi from Paveh

It should be noted that in this incident, a large number of kolber loads were confiscated by the forces of the IRGC terrorist organization.

Apart from the anti-human and discriminatory policies of the occupying Iranian government, the kolbers have been directly targeted by the occupying Iranian military forces, and hundreds of people have been wounded and dozens killed each year.