Unaware of the fate of three citizens after a few months

On Monday, April 11, 2022, three citizens, Mohammad Fadavi, Mohammad Mahjor, and Rahmatullah Salehian, Yazi Bolaghi from the villages of Malqarni and Yazi Bolaghi in the Saqqez district, are still in limbo in the Iranian prison in Sanandaj(sna).

It should be noted that these three citizens were arrested by the Iranian security forces on November 11 and December 5, 2021 without any judicial order.
The three citizens were transferred from the detention center of the Iranian Intelligence Service in Sanandaj (Sna) to the Iranian prison in that city on February 16 of the same year after completing their interrogation.
The three citizens were denied access to a “lawyer and family visit” during their detention.
As of this writing, the reason for their detention and the charges against them are unknown.