Unaware of the fate of the three kolbars who disappeared in the highlands of Urmie

Thursday, March 31, 2022, three kolbers with the letters “Asad Seydanifard”, the son of Rahim and married with three children, and “Behlool Seydanifard”, the son of Karim, married with three children, and “Barzan Mihani”, the son of Shaukat from the village of “Bavan” The Margur region of Urmie has been missing in the snow and blizzard of the “Banar” valley since noon on Thursday, January 13 last year. After 78 days, their condition is unknown.

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, this morning a group of people’s relief forces left for the heights of Benar, but finally returned to the area without any trace of the three missing.

It should be noted that the Iranian Armed Forces and the Red Crescent have not yet helped the people to find these kolbars, although the Iranian government forces were supposed to start searching by helicopter, but they have not yet fulfilled their promises, and even the governor Iran has threatened the people in Urmie that it will no longer allow them to search, and has ordered direct firing on border and military units if the people search.