Oshnavieh; Summoning, Arrest and interrogating seven citizens

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, seven citizens of Nalus in the city of Oshnavieh (Shno) were summoned to the Iranian Intelligence Office in Oshnavieh (Shno) and interrogated.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association quotes Kurdpa as saying the names of these citizens are as follows.
1- Reza Eslamdoost
2- Omid Eslamdoost
3- Saman Rasoolzadeh
4- Sanan Rasoolzadeh
5- Diako MohammadGavri
6- Hadi Hassanzadeh
7- Ashkan Shkak
According to reports, the seven citizens were summoned to the Iranian Intelligence Service by to attend the Nowruz celebrations.

It is worth mentioning that these citizens were temporarily released after several hours of interrogation with a written commitment.

It should be noted that, in the early days of the new year, the forces of the Special and Counterinsurgency Unit of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Oshnavieh (Shno) had attacked the Nowruz celebrations in the streets of that city and clashed with the people and Special forces and riot police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the crowd.