The life of Changiz Qadam Kheiri political prisoner is in danger

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. , political prisoner” Changiz Qadam Kheiri” is in very poor health and his life is in danger.
This political prisoner is in critical condition due to a kidney infection and failure, and prison doctors have stated that he should undergo immediate surgery, but he has been deprived of any necessary medical treatment.
It should be noted that Mr. Qadam Kheiri has repeatedly gone on a hunger strike to protest the imposed situation on Iranian government institutions. Initially, the security forces agreed to the political prisoner ‘s demands only to break his hunger strike, but in practice didn’t take any action.
Changiz Qadam Kheiri was born in 1988 in Kamyaran (Kameran). This Political prisoner was arrested in the spring of 2011 along with several others on charges of ” cooperation with kordish party (Komala) ” and transferred to the Central Prison of Iran in Sanandaj (Sna).
Mr. Qadam Kheiri was sentenced by the Revolutionary Court, headed by Judge Babaei, to 40 years in prison and exile on charges of “acting against national security” and “membership in Kurdish parties opposed to the Iranian government.”
It should be noted that he was deported to Masjed Soleiman Prison after serving two years in prison.
He was released from Masjed Soleiman prison in Khuzestan province on November 18, 2021 and transferred to an unknown location. In a phone call with his family, he announced that he had been transferred to Sheiban Prison.
Qadam Kheiri was in Ahvaz prison until October 2021, but despite the fact that the forensic doctor in Ahwaz had announced that he needed immediate surgery, the prison authorities didn’t pay attention to this issue and finally, with the intervention of the Ministry of Intelligence returned to Masjed Soleyman Prison without any medical treatment.

Changiz Qadam Kheiri was shot by IRGC agents on June 10, 1990 in Sanandaj. In this shooting, a bullet hit his kidney and caused one of his kidneys to fail. But agents arrested him in the same situation. Unfortunately, this bullet remained in the kidney of this prisoner for a long time and eventually caused the complete loss of one of his kidneys.