Amir Houshmand is arrested by security forces in Sanandaj


On Wednesday 11 August 2021, Amir Houshmand was arrested by the Iranian government’s security forces and transferred to one of the Iranian government’s security prisons in Sanandaj for questioning.

It should be noted that the arrest of this citizen was carried out by the security forces of the IR Secret Service in his private apartment without a court order.

According to the information available, Amir Houshmand’s family efforts to find out his condition have so far been unsuccessful and the security authorities have refused to respond to his family.

Amir Houshmand is a human rights activist in Sanandaj who campaigned for human rights violations.

Security forces have blocked any response to this human rights activist’s family, raising concerns about the fate of Mr. Houshmand.

At this point in time, the reasons for the arrest, possible charges, and exact whereabouts of this citizen are unknown.